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Welcome to Ishinryu Karate Association. Here you will find out a bit about the association, our history and a brief biography of Ticky Donovan the founder.

About Ishinryu Karate

Ishinryu karate was founded in 1973 when David ‘Ticky’ Donovan opened his first club at Wood Lane in Dagenham near London. Ishinryu is a unique style that was formed using Sensei Donovan’s acquired knowledge of other karate styles including Kyokushinkai, Wado-ryu and Shotokan.

Ishinryu has a strong record in competition, both in Kumite and Kata, and has produced English, British, European, Commonwealth, and World champions. Many of these successful students went on to open their own Ishinryu clubs.

As well as competition success Ishinryu places great emphasis on Traditional karate with basic training and the correct understanding of technique being recognised as the foundation for good karate.

Originally based in and around East London and Essex where this style still thrives, Ishinryu has spread far from these roots and is now taught across the country and around the world including clubs in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA.

Ishinryu continues to be led by Sensei Ticky Donovan O.B.E. who is currently a 10th Dan.

Ticky Donovan OBE

10th Dan

Ticky Donovan started training in Karate at age 18 in 1965 beginning his initial training with Tatso Suzuki in the style of Wado-Ryu. He also trained with other well known karateka over the years including Mr Shoimitsu, Miss Hayashi, Mr Kanazawa and Mr Enoda.

In 1973 Ticky formed his own style of Karate known as Ishinryu which means All of one Heart and is the current head of the Ishinryu Karate Association.

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